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Composite Materials

2PNCTS - Reinforced, Anti-Corrosion, High Temperature & High Pressure Resistant. Waterproof Sealing

SS420J2, Stiff Stainless Steel

Pump Shaft

High Temperature Resistant, Grease Packed


Hardened, High Chromium Steel (HCRH)


Natural Rubber-Lined, Steel-Reinforced



Suction Cover

Power Cable

Design Concept

 Large Clearance between impeller & suction cover reduces abrasive wear & tear

 Diffuser System:
Balanced Radial Thrust

 Top Discharge with built-in Water Jacket, force cooling the motor
- Continuous low level pumping without overheating motor

 Self-Cleansing Design removes mud / cement in cooling chamber

 Motor for Single Phase Pumps:
CRM (Capacitor Run Motor)
- Motor starts & runs on capacitor
- No centrifugal switch

 High Pressure Mechanical Seal: 10 Bar


 Pressure Release Feature prevents water from
entering mechanical seal chamber
- Averts potential costly motor damage

 Ensures high percentage of sand/gravel are
being pumped

Moulded Rubber Lining

Casing Cover


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